January 13, 2016

Starting off right...

Here is a fresh look how I go about getting my day started right.

Below is the episode that I just uploaded up to my you tube channel, and underneath is a basic transcription of the episode in case you'd rather read than watch. Enjoy!

I think it is prudent to dispel any myth of glamour or romantic ideas one may have about an artists life. At the end of the day, It is messy work pushing goop on a stick covered in hair.

Today's fast paced and busy lives, are full of immediate gratification, stained with bad news and pressured from every direction.  It seems Difficult for anyone to pursue what they love in life.......therefore persistence is key.

It’s not luck that I’m an artist. It is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, I have geared every choice and every decision in my life toward pursuing this dream, no matter how ridiculous it may be. The same goes for talent, i may have been talented at 7, but 30 years later its a skill i've developed through my choices.

Take art classes, go to art school, travel abroad, read books, practice daily, teach, write, apply for grants, have a show coming up, a commission etc. congrats…. You are an artist!!! Now forget any financial security, a social life, health benefits, travel, holiday bonus, vacation pay etc. you are pretty much on your own now. Good luck!

In order to do what you love as much as possible you need to treat it like an obsession. Your single minded focus must be on the job. So Show up and do the work.

2% inspiration, 98% perspiration:

Paint paint paint.
Draw draw draw,
whatever it is that you do just do it. 
 Make it habitual and things will fall into place far more often. If you have a routine and keep organized, you will have more room to do what you want with your life. Time is of the essence, we only have a limited amount in our lives.

In my world no 2 days are the same, so i have to be open enough to ride the wave and be spontaneous while not losing sight of my goals while keeping some semblance of a plan together.

I’m a morning person. I get up early in order to beat the sun.

I wake up with the goal to get everything done right away, I do more before noon than most do in their entire day. To get more time in the studio i make the choice to go to bed earlier if i can.

When I get up I take a sip of water then write my morning pages, I learned them from the artists way, highly recommend it if you haven’t read it or feel your creativity blocked.

It is my morning puke, the part of my daily routine when I get out all the words and blocked up feelings, and clear the air of pressures, repressions and dreams before I even get out of bed. I’ve been doing these at least since the 90’s, Turns out I had to do them in school growing up too.

I never read them, but It is a record of continuity,  it may be fun down the road to look back on who I was in the past and contrast and compare. As for the obviously bad years I throw the whole book in fire at the temple at the burn.

When I’m done I hop out of bed, make it right away, because its much nicer getting into a made bed later on.

I have other parts to my early morning routine, shower, shave and shit, from feeding pets, put away dishes etc. basically I do the necessary stuff right away so I can leave it behind me.

 You need to ensure you give yourself enough time in the morning so that you are not rushing out the door. This way you are collected, calm and happy.

Not until after i get everything in order do i even consider looking at my phone or touching my computer. They are great  tools but also stealers my time.

A good habit to form when doing anything is to clean up after ones self. Constantly. It never seems to end, But get it done first so that afterward you can play.

The same goes on in the studio. I get in as much as I can while managing my life and often spend a huge majority of my time in the kitchen and tidying up as I go.  The other days of the week are for cleaning, grocery shopping etc is Sunday chores but if I can sneak it in somewhere earlier I do to free up more time on the week-end. The more time to focus without interruption from annoying and menial tasks then etter to nuture creativity.

So start off right, in life as well as in the studio.

So now you can look at your watch, hopefully it is still early, grab a cup of something hot and let the real art lifestyle begin…..

Until next time, my thanks and gratitude……

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