January 26, 2016

Sounds Sketchy - Sacred Geometry

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to host the first "Sounds Sketchy" a Local 510.  For a first night, it is always a bit scary that no one will show up, but I was happy to see people came out to fill the house!  Thanks to everyone who participated at the first "Sounds Sketchy" event last night!
I designed a fun class for any level of drawing experience. We worked on creating the sacred geometry pattern "the flower of life" using whatever we had, compasses, coasters, shot glasses and/or string.
Everyone had their sketch books ready to go and began with drawing a point and a simple circle. From there we built outward; the tripod of life, the genesis pattern, the seed of life, the egg of life, the flower of life etc.
The remaining pictures here were taken by Jay Woolley, who is also the event organizer. Here I am with the flip chart I whipped up the night before explaining each step on the progression.
I brought art supplies to share, a bunch of books as reference, and some copies of notes for those who want to grab them and learn more.  The best way to learn with this kind of work, is to learn by doing.  I'm standing in front of the start of my creation of Metatron's cube.
Here Linden and I are getting deeper into the meaning of all this fun sacred geometry stuff and discussing the platonic solids and how they all can be created out of the Metatron's cube drawing.
I was really impresses by how into it people got and where they took it, great job everyone!
I like this final pic from behind my explaining how to continue on with the drawing. Preach it brother!!!

If you'd like to attend a free session they are every last Monday on the Month.
Silas is hosting the next one in February and the theme is "Regrettable tattoos!"
Be there!

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