January 6, 2016

Creativity and Destruction

I made a new video blog, It is the very beginning of the new year after all, so I decided to try something new this year and that is make a summation post of each passing week. I'm taking this time  to share with you my reflections as I refine myself and my practice. I hope you stay with me and support me in the next 52 weeks. I'd love for you to follow along and see what develops.

Not long ago I was completely without a studio. Mostly, in order to make new work I’ve been making make shift spaces,  like in my kitchen and arranging and re-arranging them temporarily as needed to get stuff done. Its hard to call yourself a “practicing artist” without a suitable place to practice, a temple of creativity to apply my craft. 

So that has been my top priority. Which is why I went on the cleaning tirade in the first place. I got rid of tons of stuff, donated plenty and paired down the majority of my supplies. It is no secret so I can admit her to you that I have a bit of an art supply addiction. Hey, you Never know what you may need when inspiration takes over.


I am happy to report that I now have a tiny space in a dim basement in which to create. It is little and it is cold but it is mine!!

If you are anything like me, Organizing elements of ones life can be a real challenge. I remind myself its like organizing elements on a painting, it has to be done to get to the good stuff ad then it will have been totally worth it!

For me art is about creating something that is uplifting and that conveys beauty. And though I may destroy I see myself as a builder.... making new things happen.
To me this is fuel, there is a life force in it, I feel renewed and invigorated following my creative achievement or when I have the opportunity to inspire others to create and follow their dreams. I hope this has done that for you.

~my thanks and gratitude.

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verna said...

Hey Brian,

This is an inspiring video you've made! So good to have a studio temple again. Thank you for sharing your work & bits of your life.