November 15, 2013

This is too chewy, I like mine crispy

So the Bacon show is this week-end only! Saturday is the last day to see the work and make a bid at the silent auction.
 I got the basic colours laid in and the general bacon striped pattern I wanted for Chewy's fur. I did a lighter background in the sky as well.
Then I went in with a thinned Pthalo blue overtop the sky and added a few start. I added some darks and lights around the image and repainted parts that needed it here and there like the fluid coming out of the storm troopers head.

I then re applies some of the reflective metallic paints. I outlined the figures and used topic markers to draw in some grass and ground. I also scrubbed in another tone into the mid ground. All in all I really like how the piece turned out, though these iPhone photos do not do it any sort of justice. It must be seen in person, and that can be done by going to the House Gallery!

House Gallery
2607 35 Street SW, Calgary Alberta
November 14-16, 4pm-9pm
November 16 : Closing Night and Silent Auction

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