November 28, 2013

Hanging show at DSW

The busy man that I am I offered to help a friend to hang artwork for the final show at the current Dancers Studio West location titled: Remembering Amelia.
So I got this room to work in, had to remove a bunch of stuff from the walls with a big heavy drill and yet I am not allowed to use any nails or screws or create any holes to hang the show. Lamesauce.
I managed to beat the odds and hang the stuff even with annoying onlookers judging me every step of the way. Thats why I like to work alone. Me and my level.
It ended up costing way more in materials than it should have because the great way we had discussed for me to do it wasn't allowed once I got there. So I had to run out and drop tons more money on more expensive industrial strength velcro so as to not put any holes in the wall. Geez. Once over this hump and after dropping $100 or so. I finally got the pieces up on the wall. Save people knocking them down etc. I wish I could have just gone with the original plan and done it in the time allotted. Pain in the ass, but now that it is all said and done it does look great.
One more in the main entrance hall way. A few days later I get a call asking me to hang up some more new banners from the ceiling. Did I mention the ceiling is very high and I'm freaked by heights. Plus, I'll have to go up scaffolding after being tired from working every day and night and I have to do it after my day job shift on my only night off.
Well I got over it pretty quick, and being a tiny bit frightened up by the ceiling definitely opened my fatigued eyes in fear of falling.
I'm actually really proud of the job, everything worked out and is on the level.
The final printed banners are hung and ready just in time for the performances.

Phew. He wipes the sweat off his brow. Another Batista success!


Francesca said...

Sometimes you remind me of my father. When he was alive, he had a master's degree in education & he taught anywhere & everywhere-- rural schools, aboriginal schools, substitute teaching & home tutoring. Then sometimes you remind me of my brother. He's a computer genius... when he's not examining his patients.

BUNNY said...

Well thanks Francesca = :D I'll take that as a compliment. The men in your life most certainly sound like awesome dudes!