November 5, 2013

A little bit Chewy

My work continues on my Star Wars inspired piece for the upcoming Bacon show at House Gallery (
I clear coated the entire piece to seal in the drawing and protect the ink work before applying colour.
I began filling i the lightest colours. I used metallic paints for C3PO and the shield and Death star. I created an off white cream colour for the light areas of Chewy.
I filled in the decapitated storm trooper helmet sitting in some sort of anti-freeze type fluid. Notice the sides of the canvas are framed in something that resembles strips of bacon.
 I then rubbed in over the entire surface and sides a transparent yellow wash to help give a slightly aged look and give me an off white ground with which to continue working.
I loosely blocked in some of the sky as well as some of the leather and wood items.
I went over the entire surface with a burnt umber rub this time, also to darken the sides where I've painted the bacon strips. I painted the Death star with reflective silver paint, emphasized here by the lighting. I also repainted the power packs on Chewy's shoulder bag with the same paint and blocked in some of the background mountains.
I revisited the death star with Paynes Grey to give it more detail and volume. Then I brought in some foreground greenery and shadows. I painted in "wicket the Nibblet" with Indian red and enhanced the storm trooper helmet with another layer of white with a slightly textured application. I went over the sky. Everything will be layered at least one more time as I go forward before working on the figures to completion.
Once again, come to this awe inspiring group show. I will be auctioning off this one of a kind piece at such a low starting bid I must be crazy about Bacon and Star wars. Well, I am! See it in person.

Opens November 14, Closing Auction November 16 @9pm.

House Gallery

  • Location: 2607 35 St SW, Calgary, AB T3E 2Y3
    Phone:(403) 560-9199


    name withheld said...

    You should ask the Smithsonian or MOMA to exhibit your work. The US government is back in business now, apparently. You'd be surprised how many organizations like that are willing to help young artists from Canada. I know I was. They're a lot more helpful than ACAD. That's for sure.

    Jason said...

    It's too bad you don't do tutoring in drawing & painting. I'm applying for internships in the States next year. I can imagine a lot of girls lying about being aboriginal so they can spend more time with you. I can remember Shania Twain doing something similar back in the 90s. You'd better ask for ID or a treaty card.