February 20, 2013

Testing my lenses

I wanted to get a sense of what the three lenses I currently have form my Canon T3i are capable of. My T3i DSLR does not use a "full frame" sensor. That means I have some cropping or what they refer to as a multiplier. I think its about 1.5.This means my 50 mm. lens will behave on this camera body more like a 75mm lens on a full sized sensor camera.
I wanted to get a sense of focal length and cropping on the composition. I left the camera on the tripod in a fixed position. I focused on a piece of paper hung in the same position in each shot to see how each lens with different focal lengths focuses. I set up my camera on the very busy side wall of the class room at Quickdraw Animation Society.
We will start with my zoom lens that came with the camera when I bought it. It is an 18-55mm lens. This is zoomed out at the furthest out setting (Z 18) in order to see what the largest field of view is.  There is a bit of blurring at both front and back objects.
Next, I zoom in with the 18-55 mm. (Z 35) to create a medium shot with this lens. The background is more blurred and seems truncated in space.
Here is the 18-55 mm. (Z 55) zoomed in all the way. The frame is a fraction of what it was when it was zoomed out.
My 50mm. lens is my prime. It has a fixed focal length and does not zoom.It is a similar framing size as the 18-55 mm allt he way zoomed in. However the depth of field blurring is far more pronounced. This is a better choice when I want to blow/blur out the background in a shot at this focal sdistance.
Finally the 40 mm. pancake lens. It has a much wider field of view. It is rather close to the 'medium shot" of the 18-55 mm but has a lot more blurring in the background.

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