February 14, 2013

Moving in to the window box

 I was awarded a Calgary Cultural Capital of Canada 2012 Artist in Residency.  It is part of the Calgary Animated Objects Society (CAOS) festival line up. I am in the Untitled Arts Society +15 Gallery window space in the Epcor Centre for Performing Arts in a make shift animation studio working on a new piece.
Here is the fish bowl as I just start moving my gear in.
And more stuff still. Lots of wood going into the window display.
I hung a big black out drape to control the light from spilling in. As well, I put up some Tibetan flags for cheer and a bit of diffusion.
Here are some of the wooden mannikins I intend on bringing to life using stop motion animation techniques.
Here is the shot from my Grandpa chair inside the box setting a focal length on my elephant.
More to come as the residency progresses :)


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