February 2, 2013

♬ Roll out... ♬

I grabbed the remaining supplies that were necessary to undertake this project and got down to the studio for a late night session to get me back on track with this project.
To begin, I had some ordering to do to open up the long wall in my studio. Stacked my paintings, moved a bunch of stuff around and took a load to the Epcor UAS +15 space that I will be in residency for, for the next 2 months.
Play this Ludacris video "roll out" to add to the feeling of this process blog :)

I rolled out the canvas and stapled it along the wall. Got the flat black onto the paint roller and began to roll it out......................
Lots of splatter.
Doesn't matter.
The wall is blacker.
The job's done faster.
 ♬ Roll out, Roll out, Roll out!  ♬

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