February 18, 2013

Slap some paint on it

I worked in my studio slapping some paint on some of the props I will be using in my animation residency project.
You may remember the elephant from a previous post, well he got his tusks, toe nails and eyes treated with silver leaf for starters.
I rubbed some black all over him and then covered him in copper again but much more loosely.
Once you pour the ammonia over the copper not much seems to happen, it just looks wet.
A minute later it starts to patina and looks like this.
This patina is very fragile and I learned through trial and error you cant really put a protective coating over it without jeopardizing the integrity of the material sadly. it has to be brittle to stay beautiful. Hopefully it doesn't degrade too much while shooting.
I also brought in the pair of mannequin hands for a pink palm treatment. They will get another coat and detailing soon enough.
I also used the same colour on the bottom of the foot.
And did a first coat on the nails. The paint wears off nicely through movement making them look aged and chipped, just the look I am usually after.

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