October 10, 2012

LAKSHIMI - fleshed out

 Here is the palette I am working with. The plastic lid was a free find in the studio garbage. I mixed the varieties of tones stemming from each color before beginning. Keeping organized and tidy helps being efficient and effective.

I blocked in the dark shadow areas first then did the next closest midtone which in this case was an Old Holland brand red umber with a bit of white added. I then did my mid-highlight areas but kept it rather dark throughout.
I blocked in the general shape and tones of the face adding a slight bit of red into the cheeks and lips.

 Here I did some touching up and put in the details on all the hands and feet.
 This is a close up of the hand.
 And a close up of one of the feet.
 I went back in and did some work on the hair. The colours are off on my iphone, a better representation of the true tones can be seen below, they are much warmer and less grey like the make up on a dead body at the morgue.
 I used yellow ochre and whites to put in bright details on the necklace to close off the session. I am really happy with how this piece is turning out ;)

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