April 27, 2012

Full steam ahead

Comic Expo bound

Yesterday turned out to be "one of those days". In order to get my business cards which were held hostage in Vancouver I had to pay an additional $30, and hopefully I'll get the call soon that they have arrived. NOPE - BAd news, they forgot to pack my finished cards into the shipment and now I'll have no crds to hand out at the event :=( While dong my running around  I saw the flash of a photo ticket, adding insult to injury. Today I awoke from a dream where I removed a plastic layer over my entire teeth, I think the anxiety has passed.   No matter, the show must go on.

It is pouring rain and I have to load up my truck and set up my booth. I am going to hit a place where I can make many copies of my presentation notes. I need about 50 of each, they said 60 but I think I'm a bit more realistic in being conservative on attendance numbers.  It should be a good week-end though if this wet weather keeps up, people will want to spend their time indoors, and hopefully at the comic expo.

I have a bunch of stuff to put on my table, I hope I can fit it. Wish me luck!


Come by and say hello my booth is F04 in ARTIST ALLEY at Calgary's Comic Expo April 27-29) under the name Artistavision Inc.

I will be giving two free panel presentations at this years event::

History of Animation Quickdraw Brian Batista
Room: Palomino C
SATURDAY Time: 4:00 - 5:00

When did animation start? How was it done throughout the ages? What exactly is animation? Brian Batista from the Calgary Quickdraw Society is here to answer all these questions and more.


Challenges in Independant Art Forms Brian Batista
Room: Palomino C
SUNDAY Time: 12:00 - 1:00

Traditional artist Brian Batista will delve into the challenges artists face in getting their work seen and sold. If you are a painter or an illustrator, a professional or just starting out, Brian will give you ideas on what it takes to transition to that "next step". 

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