April 26, 2012

The Final Countdown

As we quickly approach the opening of this year's Calgary Comic expo, tension begins to run high.

Mostly my stress comes from not knowing and time quickly ticking away. I'm kind of new to doing this sort of thing. I have run booths for other organizations in the past and had my booth for my Rooibos tea company for two summers. This is the second time I've operated a booth as myself, an artist. Once was at Market Collective. I just hope I don't suck!

At this event, I have a booth (F04) in Artist Alley to man for the three days plus set up and tear down. I am also giving two panel talks. With these talks I not only have powerpoint presentations to put together but also notes for every participant who attends. I need to have them done and printed tonight so I can make 60 copies of each on Friday before the expo begins. I am hoping to staple them together with my new business cards attached. I am waiting on a call to pick up my new business cards, fingers crossed. I was expecting to have them today, I hope they get them done in time or I'm S.O.L.
  I have to pick up exhibition passes, get set up, confirm a volunteer for my booth while I give talks, do I have to pay for a parking pass too all week-end?! I have to gather some random elements for my booth like safety pins and butterfly clips to hang some stuff like prints and signage. I will be offering some space on my table to friends. I will have the last 30 copies of Mr. Reaper Really Bad Morning with all the extras for only $10 each, there will be Versus handbills on the table to give away and Frosst Books business cards. I paid for the booth but am not really pushing sales, so its best that I get the most out of it! I will have my prints available at their regular price however I am not counting on earth shattering sales since it is a comic and not an art event. I'm going to have one copy of my book for people to peruse. What I really hope is to have an original painting or two at the table but that may not be logistically possible.
Trailer for Mr. Reapers Really Bad Morning.
For me, its going to be a great week-end to show up, get my name out there, talk to people, be in the excitement of the expo, meet other like minded individuals, vendors etc. Make a few sales. At least my expectations are not too high, I wont be disappointed since I will easily attain my objectives. I really hope I can drive some traffic to my site, get more followers on this blog and more likes on my FB artist page.

Stay tooned!

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