November 15, 2017

Fabric, windows and the process of time

Intriguing title. Maybe. Its more of a list of whats being going on really. I have so many different plates spinning, I need lists to keep track. Lol  Below is a demonstration I did of how to block in and break up the shapes to shade draped fabric.

 I continue to make a lot of improvements in the studio space.
Being here for just over 9 months, she's ready to birth. I have a much better idea as how best to organize and address the needs of this space.
 I hung overhead lights for figure modelling using the electrical outlet I purchased on the ceiling in the spring. I still have to go up a ladder to turn them on, maybe I can find a remote sensor or a clapper.
I also bought another folding table, after trying it out, I realized it is far to unstable for my needs. My male genes hate returning stuff, hopefully it's not too late, otherwise I have to keep it. You often do get what you pay for.
 I had about 20 min after a Buds of Buds presentation to paint the door at the Bridgeland community centre. Stoked to have a snow bunny the kids can enjoy.
I added some snowflakes and wintery elements at the end and snapped this shot right before my iphone died.
 Finally, I got some time over the week-end to plow through some details on older work that had been put on hold.
 It took almost the entire day to work out the anatomical details to a degree that I was satisfied with.
I added some ground elements and will continue the push and pull of creating these pieces. i will be hanging them outside my studio wall int he cSPACE gallery on the 4th floor on Nov 25th.

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