November 9, 2017

Steps to draw this figure

Every single Wednesday, since I opened Atelier Artista, we host a long pose figure night. Here are the photos of my piece as it progressed in each seating from last night's session with U of C model Toma.

In the first 20  or so minutes I try to orient my figure and get some of the major masses and shapes down.

Note: Often I fall into inspiration traps along the way like with the hand or arm sucking my interest and then i focus on the detail instead of blocking in the bigger shapes, its better to keep it big and simple at first.
In the second seating, I map out the shadow shapes and block in some more of the forms. I left the head at this point knowing that as the sessions progress she will sink deeper into relaxation and the pose would change in some areas so I leave them loose for now.
I add some detail and refinements with my lights and darks including some background tone and a pillow. By this point, I find that I'm fairly blind to what I'm doing so if you have a great group of people like I do, I ask for advice on what I can focus on in the final sitting so I can refine what I've got rather than flounder around getting nowhere fast.
It seems by the end that there is just never enough time, but after about two hours I'm usually pretty happy with what I've done and need to let it sit int he back of my mind. Plus, I work a lot and by this point I'm spent and about to turn into a pumpkin.

If you'd like to come draw Wednesday evening 7 -10 PM. Visit and chack out the figure drawing events. If you cant do Wednesday evening we have two Fridays a month with Mark Northcott's "Liquid Imagination" sessions as well.

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