November 29, 2011

One happy customer!

Here is proof....

Well, another baby has left the roost. Cloridna got her commissioned painting, for her book cover. She brought her partner and little one down for a fun "mini show", ie. studio visit and freight elevator driver training for her son Jack. Jack asked if I could illustrate his book too ;)

I cant wait to see how this one turns out once it is in print!

Notice all the blank canvases in the background, I spent 5 hrs. on a roll stretching and applying gesso some new canvases. They take up the entire studio space.

I take a tremendous amount of pride in what I do. It is incredibly important that I create the best quality work i can. Even the sh*ttier aspects of my work need this same respect. Nobody really thinks about what is behind the image. I take the time and put for the the effort to build strong stable and well stretched surfaces with high quality weaves of 10 - 15 oz. canvas.

Its important, its also a lot of work. But then again, why spend 100 hours on some low quality surface. My art is my legacy, so it needs to be built tough so it will last.

To me this is like ART PORN! I get excited just thinking about the potential an the happiness each one of these brings =;) Then again, I am reminded by the fact that it'll still take me hours to finish the sanding and additional coats to get the surface just right.

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