November 30, 2011

Calgary Journal Article + Window farms

Talk about timing....
I just finished teaching my canvas building workshop, and then yesterday's blog post ended off with my belief in integrity and quality craftsmanship when building a support for painting. Then I get this link from writer Hannah Kost...

Check out the article Here:

My two favourite bits:

"He helped give me that motivation because he's positive. He's patient and he's funny. He lives his life the way he wants to live his life. It's inspiring."
~Katie Dick (past participant)

"Batista's studio is full of his work, intricate oil paintings washed in gold and silver; the building is hushed, the wood floor scuffed and colour-stained. The quiet of the space is of great contrast to Batista himself, who is lively, engaging and quick."
~Hannah Kost


Today, I pledged to Kickstarter to support You should check it out, its pure genius. The low down: Basically it's an automated system to start growing a vertical garden in your window. Its perfect for everybody who likes to eat, you can grow it yourself with minimal effort and nearly everybody has a window where they live. We each need to reduce our carbon foot print, and save money here is a simple solution!

Go here to pledge: 

Ted Talks video:

Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment 

I can't wait until March 2012 when my columns arrive!


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