January 6, 2010


Chinese New Year is quickly approaching. Feb. 14, year of the METAL TIGER!

I posted a bunch of my sketches on facebook and got some great comments.
Most notably......

Brian We are lookng for an artist to do the Year of the Tiger T Shirt! Think about it! 

The opportunity to design a T-shirt for the Taoist Tai Chi Society, might I be interested?
 Hell yeah, I am!!!! 

To warm up today I did these quick sketches with a 6B pencil.

I need more details on design parameters first, we are going to meet next week for lunch, I'm excited! I have an idea that incorporates the year of the metal tiger. Since t-shirts tend to be silk screened and tend to be only one colour I am thinking of designing it very graphically to either have the stripes or the other fur a void (ie black or whatever colour the T-shirt is). I think it would look very sharp. As a secondary idea I'd like to make the tiger look like chrome, to represent the metal year.

I will post more as it develops. Keep an eye out.

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