January 11, 2010

The Big Race

So here is my preliminary inked drawing. I used my Faber-Castell 4 PITT pen set, primarily using the M (medium) sized pen for the thic outline of the characters and the S (small) size for the background elements.

It has been scanned into Adobe Photoshop on an Epson scanner @ 300dpi (as have all drawings that have gone before in this blog). In this case, I increased the brightness and contrast to get rid of the majority of the eraser marks and paper texture.  I had to fill in various lines and erase all the small speckles left from the scanning process with the eraser tool zoomed in.

The image above gives you an idea what I'm left with. It took about an hour to erase all the little details and use the magic wand to delete the whites. The checker represents the background layer, which is void. The next step is to create some font on the sign on another layer and to give this piece some digital colour.

I separate the layers in order to have more control later, in case I had to change up some of the design or colours. I also wanted to isolate the characters in the event that I wanted to move them around. All I did was use the magic wand and paint bucket. I blasted through the inking in no time.

Here is the finished coloured version. There is an added shadow layer at 60% opacity with a gaussian blur. The great thing is I have all these files and layers I can alter with a click of my mouse.

Anyone want a 1920's style Disney colouring book?


davick said...

Why not set the layer to multiply and colour under it?

The Magic Man said...

There is always an easier and quicker way, isn't there.... now I know;)