January 25, 2010


Did these sketches on the week-end while soaking up documentary films, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Whip It.  Here is a warm up  page form my sketchbook. Still working on the tigers....

Then I did this little character for storyboards I am creating. His name is Mr. Potato Chip.

And yes Ladies, he's single!  Willing to serenade, bring flowers and strut his stuff in a tux. Maybe that is why he is still single, and a bit fattening. No better way to spend a week-end on the couch;)

Speaking of ladies, I like how these doll like lassies have turned out so far. From a sketch to inked, they need a little work. I found the feet very difficult to pull off due to the weird angle they are facing. They look naked but I imagined them in tight outfits like in Kill Bill, superhero/luge style.

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