June 26, 2016

you've got to start somewhere....

I think everyone is naturally creative. we all come from different walks of life, with different experiences, influences and natural abilities. We all see the world in a unique way and art is a fantastic way for anyone to learn to express it visually. If you have never painted with either acrylic or oil before, a great place to start is the "Sampler" at Swinton's Art Supply, with me.

Participants learn the enough of the basics to get started and make their own small first painting in under 3 hrs. I answer any questions, show some tips and tricks and everyone leaves with their first painting in hand. The pieces below were all mad one Sunday by novices in under three hours if you can believe it.

I love teaching people who have never painted before, they have a clean slate and always impress me with their palette mixing and paintings. It always amazes me and impresses me how much a first time painter can accomplish and how well their paintings turn out in such a short period of time. It makes me feel very proud and fortunate to have been some part of their creative development Hopefully I inspire them enough to take on the gratifying challenges and life improvements art making brings =:D

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