February 26, 2016

Acrylic sampler at Swinton's

It is always a mixed batch of people coming from a variety f backgrounds and interests that really make my Sunday Samplers at Swinton's such a dynamic event. I feel like I'm the guide on the journey of creativity. Kind of like Willy Wonka opening the doors to his chocolate factory. Except in this case its better not to eat the ingredients. They are a plastic polymer after all.
In the Acrylic sampler we start out getting used to the stickiness of mixing colours before we get a plan of attack for the individual compositions. I show a variety of ways of getting an image down onto the toned support and then we prepare colours.
Except in the case of abstract, then you can probably just begin attacking the support with pigment.
We start with blocking in the big shapes with a big brush so that there is a base to work on.

Working towards detail while thinning the paint further and reducing the brush size along the way.
every individual has a different approach reflecting their different interests and unique goals in paint.
By the time the dust has cleared and the work spaces are tidied up, the participants leave with their first acrylic painting.
As their guide I bask in the glory of their achievements on that most noble adventure of art:D

for more info on the samplers I offer at Swinton's visit their website here:

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