December 2, 2014

Wild and Free figures + last Drawing 1 class pics

I went to the Wild and free drawing session at Slaughterhouse studios. The weather was crazy yet It was packed. I brought lots of supplies, my drawing board and big paper, even my pastels but there wasn't as much room as I expected so rather than spread out I opted to work small and sketch in my sketchbook.Vian, Rak and Targus made sweet sounds as we drew which was a really awesome experience. All the psychedelic sounds and lighting coupled with naked models in masks really made me feel like we were at some sort of Illuminati/ "Eyes Wide Shut" ritual.
The stage lighting did make it difficult to capture a line drawing as the models were back lit and coloured. I used pen and mechanical pencil for the quick warm up and 20 min poses. The models were great and they wore hand made leather masks while having interacting poses as pairs.
I did this piece in conte, forgetting how it gets really messy in a sketchbook. "Off Beat" put on a great event and I would definitely attend again, I highly recommend it if you can participate in the future.


Below are some snap shots I took during the final class of my Drawing 1 course at ACAD.

I am really proud of the progress and improvements my students made this semester. they were a really talented and engaged group. Weather aside, the majority showed up to complete the "dreaded" self portrait in 2 hrs task. Great work guys!

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