May 8, 2012

Versus show preliminary stages

So here is some of the work I have done on the collaborative piece for the upcoming versus show.

After re surfacing the canvas and applying black gesso ground, I used a graphite pencil to draw in the initial loose plan for the piece. It is based on a ballistic dummy from an episode of World's deadliest Warrior on the moment of impact. To the left, in gold,  is the test swatch for the national stencil I made.
 On top of the line drawing I plotted in the position of the heart with paint on my scraggliest brushes. I am starting from the internal most level of organs and moving outward, at least that is my initial plan. I scraped the paint level away with an old card before it dried.
 I blocked in the skull and lungs and some of the other details before I start blocking in the body masses. I like how it is floating and the lungs are just barely a hint. The majority of the guide drawing is covered now and I am feeling like a bit of Francis Bacon influence is coming over me, I scrape again.
 I carve in the rib cage with a thick and dirty white paint. I allow dark reds to cut the edge then drip down over the body mass. I block in in varied flesh tones the structure of the body to give it some shape. I decided to make some changes and also put in some contrasting stripes to represent the background. I allow the heart to hide in the structure but it is still there.
Some parts seem to have too much ambiguity while others a little too carved out. I intend on putting the jaw back in and splattering some gruesome splatters and bold strokes, but this is just the beginning!

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