June 22, 2011

Cant leave empty handed....

I have an obvious addiction to Art Supplies. I should start Art Supplies Anonymous.

I went back in to my favorite art store (Inglewood Art Supply) to visit a my friend Fay Moose - who will be at this weeks market collective selling her fantastic creations.  While I was there, I usually rifle through the clearance section for anything that may be useful. At the back of the store there was a bunch of canvases.  One had serious water damage and was all bent outta shape. The rest didn't seem to have much wrong with them at all, a few holes in two, but I bought an entire bolt of canvas so it can be replace with a little elbow grease. So I decided to buy them at the discounted price. I can re-stretch them and use them as examples for my upcoming Canvas Stretching workshop for Aboriginal Youth in partnership with USAY, The Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth.  Here is the discounted treasure that I just couldn't leave the store without...

Cant leave empty handed!

I'd like to send a shout out To Ryan S. who clumsily dropped the plastic wrapped stock briefly in a puddle, thanks buddy you saved me money!  7 canvases,  for $110. Can't beat that price! Sure some of them need work........ but my labor is cheap!  Now for ideas =;)

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