July 8, 2010

Needing some cartoon color on this blog

There has been a bit too much black an white for me lately.
I needed some color an cartoon violence.
This is a pretty aggressive page, I really like it.

I used my Copic multi-liner 0.5 for the entire thing, if lines look thick it's because I rew them that way. I use my prismacolor for most of it, except the green background and floor. That was filled in with the extremely stinky and bleeding..... but less expensive Chartpak markers. salmon and Chartreuse. Great names, the colors are nothing like the markers look though;(

Some sources: the brute dog came from an old mighty mouse comic I think. The new styled yogi bear  giving Mr. Ranger a UFC style smack down/ground and pound next to my hot headed rendition of George liquor were things I was inspired by following John K's blog. The 'real' ghostbuster's  Slimer is above with the name of an awesome technical MMA fighter.

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