April 9, 2010

Tibetan inspired motifs

I was feeling very sleepy when I first started on this sketchbook page.  I decided to forego the initial pencil sketch and jump quickly into the commitment of pen. No erasing.  It can be very intimidating.  I felt the drawings looked boring so I decided to pick up my Prismacolor markers and color these in over a few days.   Prismacolor's black is far darker a black than the Copic pen's.  It;'s all relative once I scan it in or photo copy it but in my sketch book you can see the marks made by hand, every streak........ is natural;)

A severed zombie leg, a lotus blooming, sacraments to wrathful dieties, a conch, a sprouting seed, a singing cock on a turtle inspired by the bremen town musician's and an old taoist tale of creation and a lilac/ lavender skeleton handled sword.

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Mizz Warrior said...

Very creative I must say! The rooster is pretty kewl!