April 7, 2010

Inner Landscapes

I've been spending my time well lately and drawing daily. I taught a friend how to draw. She made a beautiful wolf drawing, hopefully I can coax her to post it on here someday soon.  I drew this landscape and colored it with my Prismacolor while we hung out at my place after teaching my final animation class of this intake.

I really liked the fall colors and wanted to capture them in my sketchbook.

My room mate say's it's the best thing he's seen me make, yet.
However, I think he's a little biased!  The post card I referenced has been in his bathroom for a decade (at least).

On Good Friday I treated myself to a trip to the Calgary Zoo. It was super busy, I watched a magic show upon entry and enjoyed the magician's linking rings routine. I had my Kaossilator rocking out the beats so I couldn't hear all the cacophony and noisy children.  I visited the new animatronic dinosaur park.  It was pretty cool but better left to a less busy day.  I escaped tot he Great White North exhibit and found a quite secluded place to sketch this Bison/buffalo. A few curious strangers crept up on me and spent more time watching what I was doing than the animals on exhibit.
These guys don't stand as still as you'd think... especially when you start drawing them.

For Easter I cooked up a duck and made stock out of the nicely rendered fat and roasted bones and skin.  It may not sound as yummy as it actually is.  Sticking to my bird theme......
Here is a drawing of a Raven. I outlined it in pencil then decided to use my Copic marker to emphasize the negative space.

I found some sticker paper while tidying up my studio, oh joy!!!

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