January 30, 2009


The future is Now!!!

IDEA # 019 - Where's my tek? Revamping our ideas of the future.

Is it so bad that I still want futuristic toys, I am a man, it's natural.  

I thought we'd have more than we have by now, we have made it to the new millineum, man's knowledge and ability to access information has never been so great.  We need a technology renaissance. Da Vinci and BuckministerFuller came up with their genius so long ago, it seems like we are sauntering into the future.

  Where is my flying car and personal robot? http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/paul_moller_on_the_skycar.htm

Certainly, it would be difficult to manage the air space in an efficient and orderly manner. Then again there would be a lot less traffic in air space and a lot more vertical space to exploit. No signs, no stops, no problem. Carpooling and public transport is not an issue. But having a personal robot like Rosie from the Jetsons would be great. There are those vacuums that work while you are out. 

There is that children's toy dinosaur that they can ride KOTA. 
Solar bugs are available near many check outs.
Cellphones, iphones and personal players have far exceeded Star Trek. 
Phasers = tazers. 
Lightsabers - damn that would be a cool one. Call me when they are available.
Hoverboards are too difficult to control.
Love Dolls are available in Japan already.
Virtual reality .... what happened to that?
3D movies should have been the norm years ago. Bolt 3D brings a huge smile across my face.
The internet is full of time wasting sites from You tube to porn etc.
Ii can learn a language while I sleep.
Our pets have chips in them and I'm sure I'm next.
Onstar an GPS make it hard to have a real adventure.
Sirius satellite and Blue ray aren't really that new of ideas.
Cyber Punk fashion and new music isn't bad ass enough.
Those personal carts for the elderly are as close as we can get to the flying chair from dune.
We're busy photographing mars and building space stations while one progressive entrepreneur has recently launched commercial flights into space.
Personal suit made of tinfoil, 
Nintendo's power glove but more James Bond
interactive games= wii.
Teleport me, I hate the security at the airports.

So what does the future hold? 
I think we need to re-invent mankind's dreams for the future and get on it.
What we now have is kinda cool....... but still pretty lame overall. 
Stay up until 2am and watch the paid advertising, that will set you straight.

The future is Now!!!

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