January 23, 2009

Too cool to play games

Kick it up a notch.
A new high action sport, that is way to fun to not try.

IDEA # 018 - Paintball on Wheels

I was thinking how fun it would be to be play paintball on a dirt bike or combining it with Go karts. Each player could have a tricked out go/golf kart, capable of off road and woodsball/scenario type pursuits. You could paint it camouflage and hunt each other and race and bump and grind. It has it all, except a safety warning. You can invent scenario play. Have a Hell's Angels style game, chasing around on motorbikes in the flat open desert roads. Go 4X4 off roading. Do it like Mad Max. Hell............. play it on ski doos in the mountains or on sea doos in the ocean. Be a low-fi Bond. Create a game. Build a little Tank body for the cart chassis and pretend you are in a tank. Become a swat team and play high speed pursuits. Remember, all the while you have a paintball marker to sweeten the deal:)

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