April 14, 2017

Enough starch in the diet

The artistic diet consisting largely of drawing should include enough starches. Those starches should consist of well lit drapery, cloth and assorted fabrics. In still life class we broke down the steps necessary to properly study basic folds and rhythms, compressions and expansion in fabric etc.
 I did notes and a demo on the slate then began with a Notational space envelope and carved away angles to establish the overall shape ad proportion of what I am drawing.
 I toned the area of the paper that will become the drapery. I found the darkest darks, cast shadows and form shadows and built up the shapes.
I then went back and pulled out some lights and darkened some darks.

I draped the fabric over the Asaro head and clipped a sheet above the chalkboards.
In hindsight it looks phallic.

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