April 19, 2017

A dozen things from this past week

Well I didn't know exactly how to contextualize the juxtaposition of these images together. In order to improve our skills, we study a lot of different things every week at Atelier Artista. The images below are from various classes throughout this week. On the off chance I don't forget to snap some shots or  I'm not running around, instructing and/or creating work this is what you get.
 Before the long week-end began, I was tasked by the visiting artists in residence (Daniel J. Kirk and Katie Green) to create a drawing in response to the work "Mermacorn" made up by another cSPACE tenant. This is my preliminary sketch before tweaking and adding a dash of colour.
 I demoed these hard edged shapes in my" Open studio sessions" on Easter Monday.
 Here is the class room set up, the drawing horses in a half circle horse shoe shape.
 Some notes I delivered on the board while teaching the portrait students the nuances of what to look for when studying the anatomy and drawing the nose and mouth areas.
There is a lot here to cover.
 I like the ability to colour code a bit with chalk.
 Adding many points to observe as I go on with the lesson.
 I transitioning between notes on slate and the actual practical application of drawing medium on newsprint.
 Here is my handsome friend John Asaro head showing the facets and planes under lit conditions.
 And here is how makeshift studio conditions can be when working :P
 In the oil portrait class the students are adding details as we will be starting a new portrait in May.
 The students brought various objects for still lie class, as weird as it is , it is a puppet so I let it slide to add a bit more fun to the day.
 In anatomy of the figure class on Friday we are working on very muscular legs with a lot of definition. There is a whole lot more interesting stuff and fun going on all the time down here at ATELIER ARTISTA, Dont miss out, come on down and study with us as new sessions begin this May!


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