July 11, 2016

Teen cartooning camp 2016!

This years teen ACAD cartooning class was filled in terms of art and in terms of bodies. The teens were enthusiastic until hump day hit where the amount of drawing, story development and perspective for the assignment set in. Camp or not, I had high hopes for the creativity of my students and they did not disappoint.
They had a few choices of what to produce for the final assignment, an inked comic book cover page, some story panels or a full page of gags.
Colour was an option for those who completed their assignments early and some even did more than one page! Below is an assortment in various stages of completion.

I think they did a bang up job in the short time given and at the end we hung all the work for an exhibition where all the parents came afterwards. Here is a shot of my fun group in front of our exhibition space.

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