January 27, 2014

El Tunco

We made our way to our new spot after a 3hr. tour. Us boys had a blast in our van. Quiet and silent looking out the window for the first hour and once the beers and rum began being passed around it got to be real fun. No beers, no talking. Beers and the boys get rowdy. The girls bus was the opposite, they started with talking and rested the last bit of the way.

Jess Lupe the pics are awesome! however, truth be told, us girls talked about sex stories and weird fetishes for half of our ride to el tunco.... if only you were a fly on that wall…

In many ways I do wish I could have heard the silly stories and giggling. Alas, I would never impose. Regardless, we arrive at El Tunco with enough time to settle in and visit the beach.
We arrived at the El Tunco however the rock is not what we saw first, first we got into our sweet pad booked on air b n b. The owner frank waited for us outside the private gated community. Our vans arrived and we opened the tall gate. For security the top of the gates have broken pieces of glass cemented to the top so no body tries to jump over. Should I be worried?
Lupe found us a pad for 12 and I paid for all of us on my visa. Peeps paid me back which is how I bought US currency for the remainder of the trip. The main house was great with kitchen and appliances, even a TV, though we weren't going to be watching any. Walking thru the house to the back to see the ice cold pool and cabana. The boys got in first so we waited patiently for the girls to allow them to have first pick of rooms. We are gentlemen, after all.
Our first night was spent in the Cabana circled around good eats and drinks overlooking where the river meets the ocean.
Okay so the river didn't really meet the ocean and I think there is a good chance they do their laundry upstream and dump their sewage. There were plenty of people down there swimming and fishing and it seemed to be teeming with life and people during the day.
I got to share this detached bunk house with an outdoor as well as an indoor bathroom with shower. It was luxury on this trip. Hot as hell inside though, an the fan didn't work and made a death metal noise.
Here is the view that I saw when I left the dark hot room. Not bad.
And here is the backyard full of coconut trees, though there weren't any coconuts for us to pilfer. Jacob High Tower hung his awesome hammock between these tall trees and Josh put up a slack line too.
Outside there were enough tables to push together so we can all share meals with each other which is what I love most about this group of travellers, we work together and share everything, well almost everything. lol.
Having our own pad made me feel a bit like I was at a beach house in Hollywood with my celebrity friends. We sat around the swim up bar one night trading embarrassing sex stories. I ran away as to not kiss and tell. My room mate has the best ones, no contest!
Mr. Dingles in his natural habitat. No matter where I've been with my boy always finds the best outdoor pee spot. Lucky dog and he does it with style!

Walking out from our gated abode there is a cool hostel on the corner where we got an amazing thai feast for 13 one night. Steps away are the crashing waves and wicked surfing swells at the beach. Accommodations are awesome and we are within walking distance of a nearby little town. This final week in El Salvador should be relaxing and an adventure!

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