May 20, 2013

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park - artist residency

I'm in Cypress Hills for a 3 week art residency. I arrived before the long week-end began, stopping first in Maple Creek to meet the organizer and to be given a tour and all the necessary forms.

This is the cabin that I get to use as a studio for the duration and where I'll hold classes.

Got wet? It was raining hard the first week-end. I had to unload a surprising amount of studio stuff and camping gear. It's amazing how much I can get into my Toyota Carolla.
More rain and cold weather means less campers and less people to attend my week-end classes. It'll give me time to settle in and get organized.
 Its a cosy little cabin. there are lights and electricity and a heat register if I need it. I 'm glad I brought an extra folding table it is already proving to be a necessity. I brought tons of things to work on and tons of art materials to use and instruct with.
Here si the classroom after a bit of my magic touch. I put a drop cloth down and hung my colorful prayer flags up. I dragged a big desk clear across the room which is where the tripod is seated for this shot with my new fish eye lens.
I decided, due to environmental factors and ease of cleaning, to NOT bring OIL paints. Instead I will be trying out tons of new acrylic materials because of their easy of clean up with water and quickness in drying. Here I've pried two stretched canvases and made some test panels to try out new neon colors, interference and iridescent paints as well as textured grounds in a variety of applications.
Here is a 3d lettered sign I began as a classroom example beside the cabin window.
Late last night I went to this Yurt/ Observatory for an astronomy presentation  with technical difficulties and glitches being the first of the season but none the less informative. Plus the clouds decided not to cooperate. I met the Astronomer in Residence and saw Saturn thru the large telescope in a way that made me fill like a kid again. Plus I always love yurts, they are so cool!
 As Artist in Residence I have been given a camp stall in the "war lodge" campground. There was a vintage camper waiting for me. This is camping luxury. It has two power outlets and an operating mini fridge. The sink and etc. dot have water and the stove doesn't work but its a warm shelter with cupboards etc. Much better than just tenting it.
I dumped all my stuff and started to get my camp settled. I still put up my Henessey hammock and found other uses for the cooler. The weather has turned gorgeous so I'm off to enjoy it and feed the mosquitoes. There is so much to do and see here, from mini golf and canoeing, to zip lines and hiking. I nearly forgot to mention that there is an ice cream shop below the studio that is way too conveniently placed and extremely tempting. I may come back fat!
I hope 3 weeks is enough to help me unwind after the past year. Tomorrow and the few following days I'm going to get out biking and hiking in the days to take pics then make work in the studio until dinner time when I'll return to my camp and stare mindlessly into a fire until I feel like sleeping.


Fay_Moose_Art said...

hey it all looks great. Can't wait to get there :)

Have fun and do lots of art :)

writerchick said...

I love you, Brian. I miss you already. Have a good time.

BUNNY said...

♥ ♡ ♥
who are you Writerchick?