April 4, 2013

Hiding away working / painting myself into a corner

It should be no surprise that there hasn't been much noise from my end. If you haven't seen or heard from me, I've been hiding away working.
 Here is a ground shot of plasticine growing for my flick.
And a bit more as it progresses across the screen. Later I will drop in a background where the white is and put my animated wooden snake slithering by on top.
But first I have to scrape and clean. The plasticine. Will not fit back into the bucket from which it came.
Look at how full the bucket is. It took longer to clean it up then to make the animation.
I also decided to get rid of my animation table to create a bit more room so I can add another regular table. It made this much more space beside the bookshelf. Enough for my chair and....
 a wire shelf full of painting products, airbrush, canvas etc.
I have been working a tonne with After Effects. Here is a lens flare type thing I am working on for the intro.
Here is a shot of the space during the closing reception.
I had to move out of the +15 space during the Easter long week-end. It took some time but the traffic and parking were not bad since it was a holiday.
 I painted myself into a corner as I exited the space, leaving it feeling brand new.

 I took down the Epcor painting show(above) and the Calgary 2012 publication came out with my Skyline painting on the cover.
Also: My arts collective (Full Spectrum) got into Wreck. We will be doing an undersea kingdom installation in the basement of 807.

More to come, stay tooned.

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