September 26, 2012

SARASWATI - Photo session

I spent the day editing videos with Mark Allard's for his upcoming book release: Regressions. They turned out fantastic and we made magic happen. Things just seem to fall into place and make themselves at times. Which is why right afterward hopping across the street to my studio was just at the right moment.....
Heres my quick set up of the studio. Hang a sheet, set up the light and camera and get something for the model to sit on comfortably,while she is getting changed.I was blessed to have the beautiful Taylor Heywood come down to the studio for a quick reference photo session tonight, as the hindu goddess Saraswati.
Lo and behold she has a tattoo of the goddess SARASWATI on her shoulder. Talk about synchronicity and magic! Out photo shoot was close to 30 min. from start to finish, that is how it is done!

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