August 26, 2012

Ganesh - progress

I locked myself down this week-end to get some serious painting done on this piece.
The first thing is to block in more tonality to the blue fabric that wraps around Ganesh's body. It was a mixture of Cobalt blue and Titanium white. It took the majority of the session to finish, I still intend on adding deeper shadows, an outline as well as a pattern on the material.
Using Alizarin Crimson and deep yellow hue I also turned the circles in the bowl and on the crown to some juicy looking peaches. The interesting thing about Alizarin Crimson is that it yellows over time, so this fruit will continue to ripen with age.
I continued with the Alizarin Crimson remaining on my palette and outlined and added more details to the lotus flower in the top right corner of the painting.
Then I got bold and jumped right into pure red to outline many parts and to begin defining the elephant skin folds. I will later layer onto it covering a lot of it but allowing the dark red to show thru like a deeply cut shadow in a wrinkle.
Here you can see all the work done on the flowing fabric and red outlining and details on the face. I still have a lot of plans and a few more tricks up my sleeve for this piece, I guess you will just have to wait and see ;)

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