March 11, 2012

Staples: A love/hate relationship

So in keeping with the flames of passion for creativity raging......... I meet in battle in a love/hate relationship with my constant foe. Staples!

I'm in the studio and so proud of all the white surface I have hung, I decide after a little re-arranging that I might as well and get started on the work I know I am going to have to do in the near future anyhow. Some of the discount canvases I have purchased in the past were mainly for the support/lumber.  I had to pull out each and every staple in order to stretch my much thicker and higher quality canvas over them.
I loosen each with a heckles knife blade. Then pull them with pliers and place them in a silver goblet so I don't wind up stepping on them later.  Here is a pile of cheap 18 X24" pine stretchers from Michaels. Everyone was punctured so I cut off the tho canvas to be replaced by 15 Oz, triple gessoed stretched by me quality/
Here are just a few done by the end of the day, waiting to be primed.

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