March 10, 2012


I spent ten hours straight in the studio yesterday.

Here are some tools of the race. The painters pyramids were in my Christmas stocking two years ago from my mom (Santa). They have come in very handy.  The bright red ones were used in painting the red frame.
I had to re-arrange and organize the space for the new series of work I'll be making.  I had all the canvases rom the previous gesso session to sand. First with 150 grit, followed by 220 grit. Afterward, on each canvas, I spritzed them down with water and removed all the fine dust particles with a damp rag. You would be surprised to see how much goop comes off. The canvases are silky smooth, a real joy to touch.
I hung up the two large 5' X 5" gessoed canvases in the corner and worked out from there.  I plan on setting up some time lapse photography of the work in progress. My old laptop is set up on the shelf and KT lent me her Canon SLR for the time being.  The red rectangle on the canvas on the floor is a remnant of where the frame painting took place.

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