November 22, 2010

Question and answer

What a treat to be asked by a former participant of a program we run at the Quickdraw Animation Society for some help on improving his work. respect.

Q: I was wondering if you could help me not be so picky about the quality of my drawings. I have alot of ideas for animations, but I lack the confidence in my own drawing to actually make them.

A: The Best advice I can give is: Draw. Draw. Draw.

There is a drawing teacher I think has a lot to offer to the animator. I think you can find videos for FREE on You tube. His name is Mark Kistler and he had this show called "the imagination station" It is a great teaching aid, I am currently using his lessons in my AYAP class. I bought some books for really cheap on Amazon.

I find remembering this one thing helps in not being too picky about drawings is this FACT: It takes 24 frames per second = 24 drawings per second, as far as I'm concerned that means every drawing is only on the screen for 1/24th of a second and should not be regarded as TOO precious, as long as the movement looks good. This can be seen in Disney works in the past, you'd be surprised what they got away with in terms of sloppy sketchy line work. But it does work.

And don't forget about Don Hertzfield an Bill Plympton, look at their work.
Good luck and keep on rocking!

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