June 29, 2010

More notes than anything else

I do a ton of writing. 3 pages everyday in the morning and now and again in my sketchbooks. It's good to always have a sketchbook on hand to keep those interesting ideas and notes. I also carry a small moleskine weekly day planner in my back pocket where I write down movies, and websites and things to check out when I get home or on the net, even books to take out of the library.

I also have a habit of writing on my hand.

Ballpoint works great, Sharpie not so good an I noticed my copic's tend to wear off by the time I get home erasing any notes I've made throughout the day;(

 Here are some notes I got out of a library book on how to clean linseed oil for oil painting.

This is basically a Home Depot shopping list for making some automata toys.

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