May 8, 2010

Son tatty and stickers

Mother's day is just around the corner. Inspired by an idea to get my mom a tattoo that say's son.  So here is the preliminary design. I'm going to print it out an make a sticker to give her as a gift.

I decided to create a sticker sheet out of some of my past drawings. I used an old packet of Avery 03383 sticker sheets I had in my studio. I colored them with Prismacolor so they would be bright and lightfast. Afterward I coat them with a UV protective Varnish so they wont fade and will be protected in the elements should they get some exposure.

Here is the sticker sheet I printed out and colored with Prismacolor. 

Afterward I coated the sticker paper with Golden Archival Varnish. (pictured below)
Then cut them out on a mat with a very sharp exacto-blade.

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