May 14, 2010

Automata design

This is a free hanging design sketch for a cloud, lightning and rainbow automata I thought up. Then I decided to put the mechanism on the outside to show various mechanisms at work..... perfect for what I have in the works.

I was also asked to be in a show at the Sugar gallery with a theme "genderbender". Now I know I was probably asked because I am good at making "shocking" work. But the theme has me a bit pissed off. My initial design idea is to have Satan with his balls hanging low popping the bird to those who go to the show. "Play Nice." 'Nuff said.
You'll notice at the upper corner an owl smashing down with his powerful talon. Yes, the Illuminati stomp crept it.
I had another idea to create buildings with neon monsters designed on the outside kind of in the tiki style that eat people. They could be on a conveyor or wheel as the mouth opens and closes after they enter. It would make a cool moving art machine indeed.

PS: I have been a bit annoyed by the free scanner (Canon Lide 25 that I have free at my disposal)
and my current sketchbook, bleeds, cheap paper and hard binding makes it difficult to scan.
C'est La Vie, it's what I have.

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