March 9, 2010

Bird Brained

It's late. I have people over, I'm still drawing........

Jim challenged me later that night (somewhere around 4 am) to continue drawing into the wee hours.
I was tired and wanted to go to bed because I had to work in the morning.  
However, I am not one to pass up a challenge!!!
He handed me a photocopy with a bird on it as source inspiration. I came up with this, though I need to put a little more cross hatching time into it. You can tell it has some Alice in Wonderland influence in it, must have been the late night movie.

done with my favorite Faber-Castell pens. I am still undecided about a long tale, barely visible in HB pencil below the body. It has the feeling of a coat of arms and the shape on the head adds a regal element.

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