March 10, 2010

Bird Brained (part 2)

I spent a little time working on this one, when I had a few free moments. Locked my door to avoid roomie interruptions (though he did need advice on whether or not he cleaned a borrowed paint brush enough).

I began using my Faber-Castell pens and I began to notice was that they were not as fine tipped as I had once thought. I began dreaming of the Copic fine point set I saw for 100 bucks at Inglewood Art Supply. Fully replaceable parts and refillable inks;)
Why is it that $100 for pens all of a sudden sounds like a great investment?
Because it is............. pens are part of my tool kit.

Here is the bird drawing. I wont say it's finished because I'm thinking about adding color, but am not yet brave enough to commit it to paper.

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