October 1, 2015

Urban escape Float Therapy hand painted sign

Friends of mine have this nifty little place on Edmonton Trail called Urban Escape.

I just finished fixing up their painted signage. Have you seen it while passing by? Have you tried a float yet?
The stencil on the textured wall left a lot of over spray as well as the cut out marks.
I wanted to crisp up the letters around the edges and get rid of the missing areas of the lettering while maintaining the lower wave like band.
Up a ladder, I block in the charcoal grey first, people on Edmonton trail keep commenting on my butt while up here, must be the angle.
Here is the one side all cleaned up. The address is 208 Edmonton trail and they are open.
Here is the other side of the building after I blocked in the charcoal lettering. The over spray makes it look real gritty which I why I was compelled to tidy it up.
And here it is completed. I love how the late afternoon sun cast the shadows.

Visit uescape.ca to try a float.

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