July 23, 2015

Ramsay Community Rink mural

I love my neighborhood, ramsay. I was elated to be awarded the opportunity to do another mural for my community. This time it is along a wall over 100 ft. long near the rink, at the top of the hill. The community decided on my preliminary, had the wall primed and I got to work.

There are a lot of invisible steps when making an outdoor mural. First you have to visit the site and take measurements. Then you have to transfer that data to a suitable design template. 
 Then you have to design it and have it approved, in this case by the Ramsay neighborhood community board.
 After that happens, other parts of the machine need to get going, you need to get money and gather the necessary materials, especially the paint colors.
 I definitely will go over budget on the paint but I'd rather get good outdoor plaint that will last if I am going to put many hours in on this piece.
 I managed to get down most of the lettering free hand, with a bit of planning but no measuring to get them to fit in the length properly.
 Then I begin the elaborate flower of life patterning in each letter.
My initial plan had a much larger circumference but this far more detailed version is due to the garbage can lid I decided to use to construct the pattern.
 It is a challenge to go around the posts so I'll have to create a cardboard shape that can bend and fold around the posts.
 I had a friend pick the paradise blue that will be filled in around the letters.

 My nephew Nolan came to visit and "help" me on the mural.
Stay tuned there is more to come.

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