January 5, 2015

New Beginnings

Creativity occurs on all fronts of life. I particularly enjoy my time when I'm not sharpening pencils or mixing paint; assembling lego Star Wars kits, writing my daily morning pages, cooking up a storm of deliciousness, singing in the shower etc.  When you are an artist your personal life and influences from the world around you seep into the work, world news, what one is reading and dreaming hugely come into play in a significant way as much as the materials do with every mark being made.

Art occurs in the spaces in between the entire gamut of what is often considered the "artsy" part of ones practice. Artistic activities outside of the romanticized part are not that glamourous, dedicated to business and management parts, running around, building frames, making connections, writing grants etc., activities most artists dislike, but are necessary to get paint on the canvas. I certainly hope to smash the perception of what artists do as well. It is hard enough just showing up everyday, it should be known that it is 20% inspiration and 80% perspiration.

I am embarking on an entirely new body of work. I have been talking about it for years and finally I'm rolling up my sleeves and meeting the challenge face to face. The research and the sheer number of paintings ahead is daunting. Currently I am working on an AFA grant for the project.  Whether or not I get funding, It will make for an exciting journey and hopefully some insightful posts.  It will take plenty of time and commitment alongside continued learning.  I hope you will visit back with me as I embark on this journey.

More to come…..

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