February 20, 2014

One lucky Bunny!

Well today just got even better, My friend Joe and his Dad Dan popped into my work this morning to drop off an unexpected gift, and check out the wicked wrap job!
We hung out at Devonian gardens last night after work and talked shop, Joe is planning on making his own science show to carry on what he begun at Beakerhead this year. I mentioned my LEGO collecting addiction cause I shook the box and I could tell what it was, the surprise was even better once I opened it!
WHAT?!?!?!?!? A Volkswagon Camper Van kit!!!!! Way too awesome, I am so stoked it is going to be difficult to get thru work not wanting to assemble this, alas I'll have to use the force.
Here is a quick After Effects project I put together today as a demo and for kicks and QAS. Check it out. I don't expect it'll get over 50,000 hits like the the video I launched last week, but I'm not counting anyway. lol.  If you want to see the AF Satori animation check it out below.

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